World Richest Women 2023 Top 10 Females with Net Worth

World Richest Women 2023 Top 10 Females with Net Worth can be checked from the official website now. Women can be found on the World Richest Women 2023, just as they make names for themselves in every other industry. Even though most of them became wealthy due to inheriting an estate, they put in a lot of effort to elevate their reputation and popularity to a new level. Not only have they been able to keep their wealth intact, but they have also been able to increase it. Along with a list of the top 10 World Richest Women 2023, this article also discusses how they achieved their current net worth.

World Richest Women 2023

Every month, the names of the people considered the wealthiest in the world get updated on the World Richest Women 2023 list according to their total net worth. This list is not permanent and changes according to the individual’s net worth and the performance of the assets they own. We’ve compiled a list of the world’s top 10 most wealthy women.

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The 10 wealthiest women in the world attribute their success to their families’ hard work. Each owes their wealth to either an inheritance or a divorce. Still, they have worked hard to run and expand the family company or concentrate on charitable giving. The United States of America is home to six of them, while the other four are from all three continents.

World Richest Women

Top 10 Females with Net Worth

In 2022, most women who hold the title of wealthiest in the world are of American origin. With a staggering net worth of $74.8 billion, Francoise Bettencourt Meyers takes the top spot on our list.

#1. Francoise Bettencourt Meyers: $74.8 billion

The wealthiest woman in the world is a French entrepreneur and billionaire heiress, Francoise Bettencourt Meyers. She is a member of the Bettencourt family. In addition to those things, she is a talented writer, musician, and philanthropist, and her net worth is 74.8 billion US dollars. Her grandfather, Eugène Schueller, was the founder of L’Oréal, a French corporation specializing in personal care products. She inherited this enormous wealth from her grandpa.

#2. Alice Walton: $65.3 billion

Being the heiress to Walmart Inc., an American global retail firm that runs a network of supermarkets, cheap department stores, and grocery shops, was the primary source of Alice Louise Walton’s enormous wealth. Walmart Inc. is headquartered in the USA. She is the second richest woman in the world.

#3. Julia Koch: $60 billion

The wealth that Julia Margaret Flesher Koch inherited from her late husband, David Koch, who passed away in 2019, allowed her to become a billionaire. She has been on the board of directors of the School of American Ballet in the past and now holds the position of President of the David H. Koch Foundation.

#4. Mackenzie Scott: $43.6 billion

Mackenzie Scott is ranked as the fourth World Richest Women 2023 as a direct result of her divorce in 2019. She was formerly married to Jeff Bezos and had a 4% ownership position in Amazon, the firm that her ex-husband had started.

#5. Jacqueline Mars: $31.7 billion

Jacqueline Mars is the successor of the Mars company and now resides in California. She is the 18th wealthiest person in the United States and the 48th richest person in the world. She is one of the top World Richest Women 2023. Additionally, she has the title of being the wealthiest resident currently residing in Virginia.

#6. Gina Reinhart: $30.2 billion

The full name of Gina Reinhart is Georgina Hope Rinehart, and she serves as the Executive Chairwoman of Hancock Prospecting. Her father, Lang Hancock, established the mineral exploration and extraction business called Hancock Prospecting. Lang Hancock is a private owner of the firm. The wealthiest individual in Australia is Gina Rinehart. According to a study from an investigation conducted by the Guardian Australia in May 2021, Rinehart was the single greatest landholder in Australia.

#7. Miriam Adelson: $27.5 billion

Miriam Adelson is a physician and the current publisher of the Israeli daily Israel Hayom. She is of Israeli and American descent. She was honored with the Woodrow Wilson Award for Corporate Citizenship in 2008, the same year she shared the award with her husband. Additionally, she was awarded honorary citizenship of Jerusalem in the year 2013.

#8. Susanne Klatten: $24.3 billion

Susanne Hanna Ursula Klatten is the wealthiest woman in Germany, the eighth richest woman in the world, and the sixty-fifth richest person overall. She is a German billionaire heiress. She became a well-known and wealthy individual due to inheriting the pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing firm in Atlanta that belonged to her father.

#9. Iris Fontbona: $22.8 billion

After the passing of her husband, Iris Balbina Fontbona González became a multibillionaire entrepreneur thanks to the inheritance of Antofagasta PLC. She is the owner of Antofagasta mining firm and controls Banco de Chile, Madeco, a maker of copper goods, CCU, the biggest brewer in the nation, and CSAV, a shipping company.

#10. Yang Huiyan: $22.4 billion

Yang Huiyan was born in 1981 in the city of Shunde, located in the province of Guangdong in China. She is a property developer and entrepreneur worth a billion dollars and owns most of the Country Garden Holdings shares. She was once the wealthiest lady in all of Asia.

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  1. wow? great. seems all the top rich women inherited their husbands or their father's wealth.
    kindly, if possible, you could get us a list of those women who have made it to the top rich on their own. it will encourage the young girl child any where in the globe that if you work hard, you can as well make it

    • It's better to become rich from your own hard works, and I prefer to become rich in faith and good works by sharing that money to hungry poor people, we cannot bring money in our grave, but sharing and helping others? this is a true wealth,

      • My question is what do they do with all that wealth? One does need oodles of money they can’t spend in their lifetime. They can help eradicate poverty all over the world.

        • Exactly. That's what I said. They have double digit billions and can't even give a small fraction of that to help homeless ppl. 60 billion dollars!!! You could give 10 million into housing units and still be in the high billions. It's crazy. That money can go probably 5 generations down their line, without running out.

        • Try to become a billionaire, then you can run your money that way,.

          It's really sad when people hear about billionaires and the next thing they think is they can't spend it all, they've to help the poor. A lot of sacrifice, pains and sweat go into making those billions, I understand that some might inherit it but then, I don't think it's quite a easy task to sacrifice so much, go through a lot of pains to get that much, and then give it to the poor, neither you nor those that agree with you at the comment section will do that, will you?

      • Amen to that Rosa. I agree wholeheartedly. Giving, makes us richer in our hearts, and having billions could take care of alot of things in this world, like hunger and homelessness, but commercials will ask for donations from poor people, using rich famous celebrities. It's like, YOU, rich person, you're famous, you could probably save a thousand animals, or make a thousand housing units for homeless ppl, but you'd rather hoard ALL that money instead of helping. We're not talking a couple million dollars. These ppl have DOUBLE DIGIT BILLIONS. They could easily give 10 million away, and still be rolling in the billions. It's just so sad and crazy to see.

        • Lol I love how you assume they give nothing. Every single one of them will have given more to the poor in any given year, than you will in a lifetime. It is exactly this “us vs them” mentality of yours that holds most people back from greatness.

      • Absolutely you are right Rosa , helping poor people, sharing their feelings and talk with them kind words , this is what true wealth . God bless you Rosa 🙏

      • I didn't know many of the women billionaires by name except for Walton and Jeff Bezos wife become a billionaire from the divorce settlement. 37 billion for pain and emotional grief..Bettencourt was a the wealthiest and I was expecting Queen Elizabeth to be high on the list.

        • I could use a new foundation and kitchen remodel? 🙂. I know of a lot more people who can be helped financially. Could be why my names not listed??? Joking. I'm happy and content

    • I agree 💯 I'd like to see the top richest women who actually earned their own money not women who inherited it. obviously when u inherit millions or more you have the unlimited funds to invest and buy anything to make more.

    • Happy. New year, to all ladies richest in the world, bcoz thier hard work to become they rich, sharing your wealth to poor people and orphan needs me l address to lady billionaire of mackenzie, she wealthy is from makinsee biblical word from GOD ANGEL, we need your help madam, we very poor and orphan, father died 8 years ago,

    • I agree 100 percent. When I read it to my daughter I started realizing it was money handed down. Not from them working hard to get that.

    • Gina Rinehart inherited an almost-bankrupt mining company, with a mountain of debt. She turned that into one of the largest in the world, through hard-nosed business skills and hardwork.

      • Correct, not only that she is very charitable supporting many indigenous foundations And other charities to the tune of millions of dollars

    • Yang Huiyan. She earned her own. There will probably be more like her in this modern age. A lot of the worlds rich men have also inherited from their fathers or grandfathers y'know i.e Trump. They're rich from birth but these people are far removed from most people's experience, men or women.

  2. sorry, I'm not against one been rich in any way, but my question is that, what of if one is very rich, and does not have Jesus in is life?


        • I always believed in my heart that if God ever blessed me with that kind of money that I would take care of my family first and then I would help so many people who are homeless, hungry, sick or feel hopeless because of their financial situations…remember, god blesses those who bless others!

    • Saving your soul is your eternal life achievement through lord 🙏 Jesus Christ.
      The wealth of this world will not be able to fetch that salvation.

      • To be on the safe side, for goodness' sake: Worship only ONE GOD ALMIGHTY ALLAAH–and do NOT associate ANY PARTNER WITH HIM–The creator of Heavens and Earth. Jesus, the son of Mary—Peace be upon Him—is only–I use the presentence, for the apparent reason–a Prophet, NOT GOD. Is this too difficult to understand?? Jesus–Peace be upon Him–never told anyone that He is God, the Creator, did He?

  3. Wow…what a wonder.
    I wish these prominent women will help schools like our school. It could a big difference for students if they do.

  4. there are lots of richest women in world but they suffered alot to reach at ths place..
    I hope any 1 of these ladies contect to me for my help…

    • only 2 of these women became billionaires without inheriting the lable from either their father or husband. A couple of them got rich from their divorces. Yes, it's up to these women to keep the company they inherited going either as their former owner did,or improve the company so the net worth
      increases. I praise the women who built their company from the ground up and got their net worth from their hard work(along with their employees). I hope these women treat their employees great. Without their employees, I'm quite sure they would not have their net worth as it is.

    • Just pray to Almighty Allaah, to grant you good health, longevity, happiness, and success, to earn a very clean wealth–that is not tainted–to solve your financial needs, and help feed the orphans.

  5. there's a contradiction here.

    how can it be that "Jacqueline Mars: $31.7 billion……. is the 48th richest person in the world."

    and Susanne Klatten: "$24.3 billion…….. is the eighth richest woman in the world".?

    If Susan's net worth is less than Jacqueline's, then her ranking "in the world" should be lower than 48.

    • I don't think there's a contradiction. It says that Susanne is the 8th richest WOMAN in the world and 65th richest person overall (which includes males and other females). Therefore, Jacqueline Mars is the 48th richest person overall while Susanne is the 65th.

  6. I have no money, lost my job. Company restructured. I’m homeless now I’m sleeping in my car, had a mini stroke, diabetes. No medical. Even at that I’m richer than many.

  7. how i wish i could meet any one of them and ask for a help🥴🤗🫣 not only for my self,for the other people needed too.🙏🤗God Bless!❤️

  8. richest are given by God because you can be rich without the of God so let us forget about how the became rich God bless every one..

  9. The longest time any individual has been rich is +- 100 years.some people have gone from super wealthy to destitute all in ten years(maybe less).Me, I was born rich in my head. That way my wealth has nothing to do with money.

  10. I know that if I was rich I'd share with the less fortunate.Im retired on Medicare . Would love to work but have a disability. Struggle with buying food and I cringe every time it rain because I have a leaky roof.

  11. I agree with you Sir… seems they just got those easily… though inherited parents work for it hardly for their children… that' the way it goes automatically… fate is fate.. GOD bless you Sir…


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