Strongest Pokemon Ever 2023 List, Powers, Names & Shows

You might have come across the word Pokemon, and if you are the curious one would have thought, what’s the meaning of that? The word is from the Japanese language. It is short for ‘Pocket Monster.’ Read and know the Strongest Pokemon Ever 2023 List; powers, Names & Shows is all shared. Know who has the most power among them all.

Strongest Pokemon Ever 2023

The Pokémon might b one of the most favourite cartoon shows watched by kids. The lead, Ash, was liked by everyone. He used to have this ball from which he called the monster and asked to protect him from enemies.

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Strongest Pokemon Ever List

The list is here of the strongest of the many Pokémon. These were created by the makers using their imagination and then moduled into life-like characters. The kids always wondered and wished to have such Pokémon by themselves.

1.        Mewtwo
2.        Mew
3.        Arceus
4.        Rayquaza
5.        Lugia
6.        Alakazam
7.        Ditto
8.        Gengar
9.        Charizard
10.     Dragonite
11.     Blastoise
12.     Gyarados
13.     Articuno
14.     Pikachu
15.     Machamp

We have listed all the Pokémon above, and now you can check their powers. They all possess some unique powers and strengths.

Strongest Pokemon Ever

Powers of the Strongest Pokemon

Let us now know why they are listed as the strongest among all. We have mentioned their skills and the strong powers that make them unique characters in anime and shows.


Though Pikachu is Ash’s mascot, Mewtwo stands 6 feet 7 inches tall and is very strong. It can control the minds of enemies and also is able to teleport.


Next, we have Mew. It has the power to become invisible. Though it appears very cute by the looks, it attacks equally


This strange-looking Pokémon is the most mythical and also the oldest. It also has the power to disappear and can stop time.


It is the 3rd GEN of the franchise and was introduced in the video game. It can fly and can attack most strongly than others. It has some special defence abilities as well.


It is the species that was in the Nintendo and Game Freak Franchises of the Pokémon. It is designed by Takeshi Shudoa and drawn by Ken S. The charter is also known as the “Guardian of the Seas”. It can make the sea wild as well as calm. The flap of its wings can cause a storm.


Like other out-of-the-box characters, the Alakazam is designed as such it uses spoons to power up its kinetic strength. It was in a 1960 anime film.


The blob of purple colour has the unique power to transform into any shape it wants to. It is the smallest among others.


This monster od appears like a monster; it is a first-generation one, and it terrifies the people and pranks them as well.


It appears like a dinosaur and is the evolution of Charmander. It has the power to generate heat that can cause glaciers and boulders to melt as well as start forest fires.


Last but not least, we have Dragonite. This cute-looking monster can break the sound barrier when flying. It has an intelligent brain like that of humans.

Pokémon Shows

There are many Pokémon shows that are created and telecasted by the franchise. They have created anime and video games. The fan following of the characters is all over the world. The show was recently concluded. It was dubbed into multiple languages and was watched by kids and teens in many countries.

Tell us who is your favourite Pokémon charter of all. If you are also a fan of the characters, then also suggest to us any movies or anime regarding the same.

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